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Today's Top Story is a Four-Letter Word

Geri Hearne

Today's Top Story is a Four-Letter Word

Geri was feeling unfulfilled at work. She felt she couldn't turn to God because she had a complicated relationship with The Bible and the Church.  To her surprise, that didn't stop Spirit from talking to her.  Right there in the news room!

Listen in on conversations Geri has with Spirit and learn how to have more love and laughter in your life. wo

When Spirit began the conversation, Geri used her reporting skills — asking her own very personal questions about the Bible and its relationship to our modern world. To her surprise, her questions were answered.

The first “segment” of the book includes 40 messages on how to improve your life with simple explanations of each message. The second “segment,” is a five­ day guide to raise your attitude, or vibration. It supplies the reader with three uplifting messages each day – messages for the morning, afternoon and evening – with accompanying reflections, affirmations and prayers. The third segment provides a short, direct and new method to get out of a rut or kick a bad habit.

“I think anyone who is like me, who gets dissatisfied or disappointed from time to time, will have a tool in hand to help increase good feeling thoughts,” Geri  says. “This book gives a higher perspective on our lives, helping us cope with situations we are not happy with and cannot immediately change.”

So, what if you had the opportunity to talk to God about it all.  And what if S/He answered you?  What if S/he told you how to live, love, laugh and be happy? And what if S/He told you to call it Your Bible? Spirit said parables were needed thousands of years ago. Today, guidelines -- short and to the point -- work for some, like Geri. They might work for you as well.

Order Today's Top Story is a Four-Letter Word at $5.00 off. And lighten up a little.




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