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The Dance DVD

Sydney Lok

This DVD is designed to help you:

  • Balance Right and Left Sides of Your Brain
  • Communicate with Spirit
  • Anchor Heaven to Earth

"The Dance" is a short title for "The Dance of the Golden Bow."  It was created by Sydney Lok near the Wahatoya Mountains Southern Colorado.  It is a moving meditation to help you communicate with your Higher Self guidance.  Sydney says these ancient movements help balance left and right sides of the brain for healing.  This is a DVD Disc package with an instructional card insert that explains the movements in detail.

But please be advised, if you have energy blocks and don't want to see them face to face, you may not be able to complete "The Dance."  It is the golden rule in motion; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Pure energy in the physical meets pure energy in the etheric.  Namaste.



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