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          "Geri Hearne is an excellent publisher, editor and writer with much professional experience in the News 

           Room. Geri did a fantastic job co-creating The Dance DVD with me. She offers the world fresh energy 

           in the world of publishing."   

                ~Sydney Lok, Creator of The Dance DVD~


      “It has been a wonderful experience working with Geri Hearne in illustrating Just Me and the Trees.  

       All the positive attributes she has within herself allows the product to be its very best.  Joy.  Geri 

       emphasizes the importance of joy in creating.  Her ease.  Geri’s ease in working with problems helped 

       me tremendously.  Patience.  Her patience in making sure everything turns out the best has inspired 

                          me.  It is no wonder that all involved in Just Me and the Trees underwent a positive, inspirational work 

                          of art.”

                               ~Gerarda Connolly, Illustrator for Just Me and the Trees~ 


      “Geri is an accomplished businesswoman who knows how to get a job done quickly, professionally, 

      and creatively. She encouraged me every step of the way as I was writing "Just Me and the Trees." 

      Her vision perfectly matched talents to come up with beautiful illustrations and a superb finished 

      product. Geri's background as a television news producer really sets her apart from the rest. She is 

                         very deadline oriented and pays extreme attention to detail not to mention her drive to put out the best 

                         possible final work. More importantly, her ability to listen to authors, illustrators and other creative 

                         people about their visions seems to be her biggest asset as a publisher.”

                                ~Julia Cohn, Author for Just Me and the Trees~


Joy Media partners with authors. We help you tell your inspirational story through books, CDs and DVDs.

We do the work and you own the product; setting the price, holding the copyright and receiving the goods. You have total control. This is true "Self" Publishing.

Our clients are self-motivated. They want to work quickly and professionally.

You may decide to partner with us to market your book.

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