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About Joy Media

Joy Media empowers authors to own their inspirational stories.  We help authors publish books, CDs and DVDs.  We help you create your products, then you take over from there.  You have complete ownership.  

Joy Media clients are authors who are drawn to co-creating with an eye toward excellence in writing and top quality professional aesthetics in presentation.

We are located in Chicago.  We've been in business since 2007.  Our clients come from the midwest and both the east and west coasts.

Contact us by email at hcw.joymedia@gmail.com


About Geri Hearne

Joy Media’s creator, Geri Hearne has been working in TV News for 32 years. She is an award-winning writer, reporter and producer. She is still in the news business, working as a news writer in New York City. 
Geri's work with Joy Media, LLC centers on walking authors through the process, to empower them to tell and own their own stories. Joy Media, LLC is where your publisher is your partner.
Geri's purpose is to report inspirational stories. She offers intuitive readings and presents inspired Monthly Messages at http://www.heavencantwait.org


Joy Media partners with authors. We help you tell your inspirational story through books, CDs and DVDs.

We do the work and you own the product; setting the price, holding the copyright and receiving the goods. You have total control. This is true "Self" Publishing.

Our clients are self-motivated. They want to work quickly and professionally.

You may decide to partner with us to market your book.

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