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40 Days and 40 Nights With Spirit (ebook)

Geri Hearne

Have you ever wondered if you are on track?  Are you following God's plan?  Do you have questions about some of the stories in the Bible or other Divinely inspired book?  In this ebook, you will meet your desires and learn how to manifest them.  You will also learn the basic spiritual concepts that religions are based on.

  • Read 40+ Messages for you from Spirit
  • Learn how to create in the physical world with the help of Spirit
  • Secrets revealed: Find out what All That Is wants All of Us to know
  • What does the future look like from Spirit's perspective?    

This is the inside story!  Spend 40 Days and 40 Nights With Spirit and learn how to be happy, how to create, and mostly, how to love.  This book was divinely inspired during the magical season of Lent in 2010. But it's messages are for any day and any age you are ready to listen to your Higher Self.  It's powerful and it will empower you.

This tutorial from Spirit presents more than 40 concepts and then explains them.  For example, here is Day Seven:

"Vibrate on the level of love and all will be open to you."  

This book tells you how to do that and much more.







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