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Find Your Joy (ecourse) begins May 1, 2020

Geri Hearne

Special Price Due to the Epidemic.

Spirit Guided 21 day journal prompts to help you interact with Spirit and build your connection to All That Is.  And that will bring you joy.  This course is your roadmap to bliss. 


  • Week One:  The Importance of You!  Meet your Soul.  You will connect with your Soul and understand how important it is to you as an individual.
  • Week Two:  Experience how important your Soul is to God.  
  • Week Three:  Learn first hand how important God is to you, your talents and your dreams.  


The Find Your Joy ecourse is a Spirit-guided 21-day ecourse to help you find your joy now. With guided journaling, you will move yourself forward. Don't hold yourself back, waiting for your dreams to come true before you feel good. Feel good now.

You will get daily exercises to guide you to feeling a deeper sense of who you are. 

And then ... You will feel your joy!

For just $14.00 (special Social Distancing rate) follow the path and participate with Spirit to "Find Your Joy" and feel your passion.

Join our closed and private group on Facebook to get your questions answered.  You'll also meet like-minded journeyers.  Our 
powerful session begins September 1st. I want you to join us.  So, Register now!



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