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Find Your Joy: How does it work, Anyway?

We've been getting questions about our Find Your Joy e-course. How does it work?  Will I have to go on Skype? Is this course really for me?!?  Will I really be face to face with God?

I'll try to answer the nuts and bolts questions:  first off, no skype.  All you need is e-mail.  Beginning July 1st and every day through July 21st, you will receive a journal prompt via e-mail.  Each prompt is offered from Spirit to you to help you see yourself more clearly.  That means, getting to know your connection to your Soul and to your Source.  Most of the prompts ask you to write, there are some, on the 7th day of the week that ask you to rest if that is what you desire.

You will be admitted into a private, closed Facebook group so you can keep track of the journal prompts.  The group is set up so that I could answer your questions.  You will also be asked from time to time to share parts of your journaling.  This is totally guided by Spirit.  You will know when to post and when not to.  Believe me, the Spirit will move you.

 The thing you most want to know about this course:  Will God talk to me?  The answer to that question is Yes!  This is a remarkable course, and I recommend it whole-heartedly.  Here's what former participants shared:   

                    "I truly benefitted from your ecourse. The daily journaling really helped me to deepen my connection
                     with my own intuition. The clarity that I gained from being more 'in-touch' with spirit has been invaluable."  
                                                                                --  JC, Illinois

                                        "It offered me new openings for finding Joy in my life.  Thanks, Geri!"
                                                                                --  SL, California
                                                                      "It's a great value."
                                                                               -- RC, Texas 
Are you called to participate?  Are you ready for Spirit communication and connection?  Are you ready to learn more about who you are and what you can do in this life?  Head to our Home page and click on the course for more information.  This could very well be the most powerful thing you do this decade. 

Feel Good Now

 Do you know that what you are, at the very core of your being, is love?  I didn't believe it until I experienced it.  Unconditional Love.  That's what you are and that's what I am.

I didn't feel it and didn't believe I was worthy to feel it.  I searched for answers to why I wasn't feeling fabulous and found Graciela Zozaya who channels The Essence of All.  It's a group of nonphysical beings that help guide us on our physical journeys. 

The Essence encouraged me to spend 21 days journaling.  The Essence said, "find ways to affirm you are beautiful.  And after three weeks, you will know your magnificence."  The Essence said I would be a different person after only three weeks.  They were mostly right. It only took two weeks.

The Essence Inspired I am Beautiful Journal contains 22 messages from The Essence. Here is Day One's instructions:

"Sit comfortably and close your eyes for a moment. Take a long, deep breath. Now imagine that you are sitting there, across from the most loving person you have ever encountered. Think for a moment, this is the person that loves and adores you the most. What does this person see in you? Open your eyes and start writing. Start with the first thing that comes to mind. Let your mind flow. Write only the positive. You are the most beautiful being that has ever been." 

Can you feel the love? It's just the beginning. This process will empower you and help you live your truth. 

Find more information, including how to order, by going to the "Home" page then click on the "I am Beautiful Journal." 

"The Dance" DVD Helps You Connect With Spirit

Many of my facebook friends post inspirational messages.  One message from Marlo Thomas (yes, THAT GIRL's on fb!) made me think about “The Dance,” a DVD created by Joy Media for Sydney Lok.  Here’s Marlo’s post:  

    "We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance." - Japanese Proverb.

Since everybody plays the fool sometimes, I'm no exception to the rule.  But I'm glad dancing is around to uplift me. Sydney's dance is a moving meditation with five exercises that can be done seated or standing.  The figure 8 movements were inspired, in part, by the Spanish Peaks of the Wahatoya Mountains in Southern Colorado where she lives.  The movements trace the sacred mountains.  And they trace the infinity symbol.

Sydney says "The Dance" was created to help you open up to Higher Self communication, or communion with God, the Universe, Source, Chi, Prana, or whatever you lovingly call our guiding Spirit.

In this DVD, Sydney guides you through the moves with soothing music. All in all, "The Dance" will take you a little less than half an hour.  And to help you understand "The Dance," you'll find an insert that explains the significance of each move. 

There are many times when messages posted on facebook inspire me.  And then there are times when I just need to move my body!  "The Dance” helps me connect with Spirit when I need more than words.  I hope it works for you, too.

So, move your body to the music!

Written by Geri Hearne — March 21, 2012

Just Me and My Yoga

Now that we're getting a little winter weather here in Chicago (just in time for spring), I put off my morning walk today.  The windchill was below 0!  While the cold is inconvenient for me, I began thinking about moms with small children.  Could they be stuck inside with the kids and looking for a break?

"Just Me and the Trees" offers a time-out for children and a breather for parents.  In the forward, author Julia Cohn writes, "I was letting the stresses of daily life chip away at my spirit."  Julia says she finally turned to two practices that had worked for her in the past:  meditation and yoga.  Could she teach her children these tools?

In this book, playfully illustrated by Gerarda Connolly, Julia sets a pace and tone that allows everyone in your home to exhale.  "Each day I take a break from play ... to be still," states the first two pages.  Ahh, I feel better already.  

There's an added bonus:  moms can take a break and let Julia do the work.  Pop in the CD and everyone can relax.


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