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I took a trip to the Super H Market at the suggestion of our intern.  The Korean Grocery store turned out to be a sweet adventure -- eye candy at the very least.  Here are a few of the fruits I scored.  The round greenish fruit in the foreground is called lychee.


The Lychee were the first to catch my attention as we entered this massive market.  It was my first ever introduction to the small fruit.  And at our meeting, I happened to be very thirsty.  The kind fruit stacker encouraged me to open one up.  I did.  I downed the white juicy pina-colada color-looking fruit.  Odd to taste at first, then I quickly went back for another.  As you can see, I even brought some home.

I did some research.  Lychee was first grown in China and now grown around the world, still mostly in China and also India.  I know a lot more about the small fruit than I did before entering the store yesterday.  And that reminds me of one of the themes of last week's quotes: learning.  With our new intern starting last week, we put a little focus on that.  And now, I get a another reminder:  just because I'm away from the office this weekend, doesn't mean I stop learning.  

Lychee.  I like-y.  :)  

Written by Geri Hearne — July 07, 2013

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