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We've been getting questions about our Find Your Joy e-course. How does it work?  Will I have to go on Skype? Is this course really for me?!?  Will I really be face to face with God?

I'll try to answer the nuts and bolts questions:  first off, no skype.  All you need is e-mail.  Beginning July 1st and every day through July 21st, you will receive a journal prompt via e-mail.  Each prompt is offered from Spirit to you to help you see yourself more clearly.  That means, getting to know your connection to your Soul and to your Source.  Most of the prompts ask you to write, there are some, on the 7th day of the week that ask you to rest if that is what you desire.

You will be admitted into a private, closed Facebook group so you can keep track of the journal prompts.  The group is set up so that I could answer your questions.  You will also be asked from time to time to share parts of your journaling.  This is totally guided by Spirit.  You will know when to post and when not to.  Believe me, the Spirit will move you.

 The thing you most want to know about this course:  Will God talk to me?  The answer to that question is Yes!  This is a remarkable course, and I recommend it whole-heartedly.  Here's what former participants shared:   

                    "I truly benefitted from your ecourse. The daily journaling really helped me to deepen my connection
                     with my own intuition. The clarity that I gained from being more 'in-touch' with spirit has been invaluable."  
                                                                                --  JC, Illinois

                                        "It offered me new openings for finding Joy in my life.  Thanks, Geri!"
                                                                                --  SL, California
                                                                      "It's a great value."
                                                                               -- RC, Texas 
Are you called to participate?  Are you ready for Spirit communication and connection?  Are you ready to learn more about who you are and what you can do in this life?  Head to our Home page and click on the course for more information.  This could very well be the most powerful thing you do this decade. 

Written by Geri Hearne — May 23, 2013

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