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Now that we're getting a little winter weather here in Chicago (just in time for spring), I put off my morning walk today.  The windchill was below 0!  While the cold is inconvenient for me, I began thinking about moms with small children.  Could they be stuck inside with the kids and looking for a break?

"Just Me and the Trees" offers a time-out for children and a breather for parents.  In the forward, author Julia Cohn writes, "I was letting the stresses of daily life chip away at my spirit."  Julia says she finally turned to two practices that had worked for her in the past:  meditation and yoga.  Could she teach her children these tools?

In this book, playfully illustrated by Gerarda Connolly, Julia sets a pace and tone that allows everyone in your home to exhale.  "Each day I take a break from play ... to be still," states the first two pages.  Ahh, I feel better already.  

There's an added bonus:  moms can take a break and let Julia do the work.  Pop in the CD and everyone can relax.

Written by Geri Hearne — March 02, 2012

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