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Aloha! I am writing from Honolulu, where my husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We're here for the first time without the children.

Before coming, I set my goal: I would hike Diamond Head, the inactive volcano. My husband and two sons made the climb during a previous visit. At that time I passed on the outing, knowing I might pass out if I had joined them.

But this time I had Faith (the most powerful "f" word in your vocabulary) I would make it.  It helped that my husband supported me. We jokingly called him my sherpa, as I was guided to take it slow and drink plenty of water along the way.

The event reminded me of this month's message about Faith. God wants us to have faith in Him because it helps us enjoy our lives more fully.  Just like I had faith my husband would help me get to the top of Diamond Head, where I enjoyed the view and the Ocean breeze, in a deeper way God is our guide and constant companion helping us get the most out of our life journeys. So, a reminder this month to have faith and know all will turn out well. 

Here's a picture of my "sherpa" husband at the bottom of "base camp" at Diamond Head. It's not Kilimanjaro, as he joked, but it is a reminder to me to have faith in God and in our guides.




This month's "Here is Heaven Newsletter" on Faith can be found at   

Have a great November!


Written by Geri Hearne — November 08, 2014

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