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You're going to judge this book by its cover. So it's important I get it right. Or maybe not. The problem with getting it right is, you can't get it right for everybody.

Take the proposed cover for my book, Today's Top Story is a Four-Letter word. There's a lot about this cover that I chose. But when I look at it, it's not quite like I imagined it. I don't like the big white screen and heart in the middle. Or do I? I asked several friends about what they thought.  While they liked parts of the cover, they didn't prefer the white space. 




But then there was the owner of the hair salon I use.  Goran loved it. It reminded him of his wedding invitation. 

Your cover is not going to please everybody. Some people will like it. Some won't. Many will be indifferent. When you are self-publishing, is it important that you like your cover, all of it?

My friend Brian Thomsen, who published at least a dozen great books, never worried about what the cover looked like.  He left that up to the designers. And he seemed to be pleasantly surprised when his words were packaged.

There's a lot about this cover that I didn't chose. It's not like I imagined it.  I wonder if, like Brian, I can just be okay with that and move onto writing the next book.

Written by Geri Hearne — April 04, 2014




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