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This week we've been getting some interest in "The Dance DVD." I want to share some of the backstory of how we created the title for these energetic movements.





In 2009, I travelled to Colorado to meet and videotape Sydney Lok and her higher self modalities, as she called them.  I was not comfortable with the name of her movements.  So, as Executive Producer, I worked with her to use a more general, and what I thought more heart-felt name.

Before heading to Colorado, I was personally renewing an old passion, jazz dancing, with some hesitation.  I was soon to turn 50 years old and felt very silly going to jazz class, something I used to do in my twenties. Part of me felt too old to be doing "childish" things.  One Saturday I was internally fighting with myself about going to class, then quietly I heard in my mind:  "Dance For God."

Those three words lightened my mood.  If I couldn't go to dance class for myself, surely I could do it for God. Those three words made it easier for me to let lose and celebrate, even at my age.

"Dance for God" was my idea for Sydney's DVD.  We settled on "The Dance," agreeing that the Universe's participation goes without saying.  It's understood that when you dance, you are not alone.

So, what is  "The Dance DVD?"  Here's how I described it in an earlier blog:


     Sydney's dance is a moving meditation with five exercises that can be done seated or standing. The figure 8 movements were inspired, in part, by the Spanish Peaks of the Wahatoya Mountains in Southern Colorado where she lives. The movements trace the sacred mountains. And they trace the infinity symbol.

      Sydney says "The Dance DVD" was created to help you open up to Higher Self communication, or communion with God, the Universe, Source, Chi, Prana, or whatever you lovingly call our guiding Spirit.

     In this DVD, Sydney guides you through the moves with soothing music. All in all, "The Dance" will take you a little less than half an hour. And to help you understand "The Dance," you'll find an insert that explains the significance of each move.


We created this DVD in 2009.  Now, in 2014, I think the world is ready for it.  There's more information on The Dance DVD here.  If you'd like the DVD but you are cash challenged, shoot me an e-mail, and I can tell you how to get it for free. 

In closing, try not to get stuck on what you think is appropriate or not appropriate for your age.  Move your body and Dance.  If not for yourself, do it for God.


Written by Geri Hearne — February 02, 2014

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